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Recycling Products

If your business generates recyclable materials, International Paper Recycling can help you. Our experienced sales force and national brokerage network have a broad product expertise in both pre and post-customer materials to enable an efficient collection process and optimize the total value of your recyclables. We collect loose and baled fiber grades as well as non-fiber grades such as: 

  • Paper 

  • Cardboard

  • Plastic 

Recycling Products


Cardboard and Box Cuttings 

International Paper Recycling collects cardboard packaging grades, such as Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) and New Double-Lined Kraft (DLK) corrugated cuttings/residuals, and places this fiber into our manufacturing system to create new paper based products. Since 2010, International Paper has increased its recovery rate of corrugated packaging by 66%.


Office Papers 

International Paper Recycling collects a variety of office paper grades and with NAID™ certified recycling facilities, we can help your business dispose of sensitive records and information reliably and securely. 


Magazine and Glossy Papers 

International Paper Recycling collects printed and unprinted coated paper grades, such as Coated Book Stock (CBS), Coated Groundwood (CGW), and Magazines (OMG), consisting of sheets, shavings and guillotined books and cuttings. 



International Paper Recycling collects printed and unprinted grades of uncoated newsprint, such as cutting and sheets of Old Newsprint (ONP) and White Blank News (WBN), and Sorted Clean News (SCN).


  • Cardboard-and-Box-Cuttings
    Old Corrugated Containers (OCC)

    Consists of old corrugated cardboard boxes having liners of either test liner, jute or kraft. 

  • Sorted-White-Ledger
    Sorted White Ledger (SWL)

    Consists of uncoated, printed and unprinted sheets, shavings, guillotined books, and cuttings of white groundwood-free ledger, bond, writing and other paper which has similar fiber and filler content. 

  • HWEC
    Hard White Envelope Cuttings (HWEC)

    Consists of groundwood-free cuttings, shavings or sheets of unprinted, untreated and uncoated white envelope paper.

  • Sorted-Office-Papers
    Sorted Office Papers (SOP)

    Consists of paper, as typically generated in the office environments, containing primarily white and colored groundwood-free paper, free of unbleached fiber. May include a small percentage of groundwood and computer printout and facsimile paper. 

  • Mixed-Papers
    Mixed Papers

    Consists of a clean, sorted mixture of various qualities of paper and paperboard, not limited to type of fiber content.