Protein Corrugated Packaging

At International Paper, we have over 50 years of proven leadership in providing the most cost-effective packaging for your protein storage and shipping needs.

Protein 678

We have proven packaging systems to support frozen, IQF, prepared foods and foodservice across the protein industry.  Our experience with your products, environmental challenges, supply chain systems, retail demands, and end-of-life requirements result in the optimal packaging solution.


International Paper's industry leading recyclable water-resistant coating.

Ice Pack 400 1

Protein package for top ice or very wet environment that can be set up by machine or hand.

Snow Pack

Poultry package for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and CO2 that can be setup by machine or hand. Package type has excellent label visibility and contains a curtain coated liner with a wax impregnated medium.

Further Processed 400

Further Processed Box packaging utilizes various RSC dimensions and ECTs for varying packages and target net weights.


Bulk packaging with four distinct product types utilized to move increased volume weight between destinations.

Egg Packaging

Egg packaging that can be utilized for retail ready (HSC lid and die-cut body) or direct-to-customer locations (RSC).

Export Box 400 1

Protein package with a lightweight body and cover used for blast freezing. Shipped long distances.

Tray Pack 400 Beef and Pork 1

Protein package for tray packs, which are bliss wraps and ends utilizing various basis weight combinations and flutes. Package utilizes wax impregnated mediums as needed.

Breaker Box 400 1

Beef package for cryovac packed meat that provides efficient packaging to the consumer or further processing facility.

Mechanical Packaging Systems

Man working with tools on packaging machineAt International Paper, we provide more than boxes and the equipment you need to form them.