Fruit & Vegetable – Corrugated Packaging

International Paper is positioned to meet all your produce packaging needs. We are more than a supplier – we are a partner with the produce industry.

Grocery employee stocking apples

Getting where you want to be in the produce industry isn’t always so cut and dried. That’s why you need a resource that can provide more than just a box. You need a strategic partner prepared to help you execute your objectives with people and offerings that come together to deliver the benefits that matter most to you.You define your success, and International Paper will respond with solutions to help you achieve it.

Watermelon bin

Through 40 years in the bulk packaging business, we’ve developed products that set up fast and lock securely; are stable when handled; make supply seamless with our plants network and distribution centers; and provide improved performance and protection.

Display Ready Packaging

SecureStack fruit packaging

Find specific packaging that fits your unique needs. Each product ensures product protection, reduces shrink, delivers fresh produce, optimizes cube utilization, and is compatible with FBA Corrugated Common Footprint Standard. 

man working on machine with a wrenchSince 1967 International Paper has provided the produce industry with leading mechanical packaging services. We have locations throughout the United States and Mexico and can respond to your needs in a timely manner. Our machines are capable of setting up many package styles including One Touch, Octalite, DST, Plaform, HSC, RSC, and bliss. International Paper also operates several full service setup facilities on the west coast to meet your full service needs.

Cold Chain Packaging

Climaseries box filled with oranges
From low-humidity to high free water and ice, whatever current wax products can do, there’s a ClimaSeries® product that can meet the challenge. With ClimaSeries boxes, there is no change in equipment or processes throughout the supply chain, including cooling and handling.


Avocado packaging

Protect your products from crushing, tipping or collapsing with the secure option in produce packaging – International Paper’s SecureStack series. Whether in storage, in transit or on the floor, these boxes give you a unique set of advantages versus standard corrugated packaging.