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The importance of creativity doesn't end with the selection of the right grains, hops and yeast strains to brew an award-winning beer. With the competition for retail shelf space on the rise and consumers craving variety and truth, you need boxes that carry your story forward. 

You need boxes designed by real people who understand your industry and have a passion for the art of box making. 

You need box craftsmanship. Let International Paper help.

Taproom display 965x330 Lucky Rocket six-pack 965x330 Gift Pack 965x330 Lucky Rocket Collection 965x330 Craft variety 965x330 Taproom Collection 965x330 Undercroft Collection Taproom Variety Sampler 965x330 Craft six bottle 965x330 Bridgetown black mother carton 965x330 Variety Sampler 965x330 Undercroft cans 965x330 Undercroft bottles 965x330 Lucky Rocket 965x330 Growler Grabber 965x330 Clover Honey Wheat 965x330 Craft Beer Display 965x330 four pack 965x330 Bridgetown Tray Cans No Floor 965x330 Bridgetown 1495 Kraft Box 965x330 Bridgetown 1495 Kraft Box CLOSEUP 965x330 Bridgetown 3D Mother Carton 965x330 Bridgetown 3D Mother Carton CLOSEUP 965x330 Bridgetown packaging 965x330


You brewed it with care, now box it with pride. Let International Paper craft the box to represent your brand.

We offer a variety of box styles that are uniquely designed for your industry:


The Mother Carton

Bridgetown 3D Mother Carton

Four six-pack – 12 oz bottle carrier (bottle)

Typically constructed to hold up to four six-packs, this box protects bottles during transport and storage. The featured design is suitable for both machine or hand setup.

The Tray

Bridgetown Tray Cans

Multi-unit tray (bottle or can)

Trays come in a variety of unit counts and offer augmented stacking strength and branding opportunities.

Multi-unit box carrier

Bridgetown 1495 Kraft Box

Six-count 22 oz to 24-count 12 oz (mostly bottle)

Carriers come in a variety of unit counts and are ideally suited for palletized stacking and protection during transport and storage.

Graphics Solutions

International Paper can deliver graphics solutions at any point in your product’s life cycle - whether you’re testing the retail waters, enjoying long-term product demand or entering the mature phase of your product’s life, International Paper has the experience and capability to meet your graphic needs.

Our graphic expertise includes:

Litho Lamination

Lucky Rocket 320x267

Litho Lamination produces awesome, photo-realistic printing at a comparably lower setup cost than Preprint.

The litho lamination printing process begins by printing the multi-color graphics with an offset lithography press on SBS linerboard, then laminating the sheet onto single-face corrugated which is then die cut and glued into the finished container. This process creates the highest level of photo realistic graphics.


Variety Sampler 316x279

Preprint delivers similar print quality to litho lamination, but at a lower unit cost.

The Preprint process involves printing the package’s graphics on linerboard before the linerboard is combined with single-faced corrugated components to form the container. A multicolor web-fed flexographic press is used to print high quality graphics on any specified linerboard in roll stock form.


Direct Print

Bridgetown 1495 Kraft Box

Direct print is the workhorse of corrugated printing. Your graphics are printed directly on the box inline with plant-based ink. Good for high-volume, low-graphics requirements.

The direct printing process involves printing the package’s graphics directly on the combined corrugated board using a Flexographic printing press. Flexography is the least expensive and simplest of printing processes currently used to apply packaging graphics. One-to-five color designs that do not require precise printing registration are well-suited for direct printing.


View our craft beer brochure for additional information.

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