Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage is a major segment in Europe with specifics needs. Our experts are available to help develop tailor-made and cost-effective solutions to meet your supply chain and marketing expectations.

Dairy Products

Dairy packaging must ensure the products remain safe during transportation and visible on shelves. It must be able to resist cold temperatures and high moisture, maintain a clean, appealing and well-branded image at the point of purchase and be perfectly adapted to automated high speed packing lines.


Meat, Poultry, Eggs & Seafood

With the usage of advanced technical papers, corrugated has become a well suited option for fresh meat, poultry and fish. The packaging solutions designed by International Paper enable to preserve the freshness of the produce while providing superior protection and highest standards of food hygiene.


Processed & Packaged Food

The packaging solutions developed by International Paper meet the “5 easies” required by the retail industry: Easy to identify, to open, to replenish, to shop and to recycle. In addition our corrugated packages are optimized to fulfill your unique manufacturing and supply chain conditions.


Bulk & Liquid Food

International Paper’s containers engineered for heavy duty goods are ideal for the transportation and storage of large bulk and liquid quantities of fresh, frozen or processed food like tomato paste, concentrated beverages or fresh watermelons.



Corrugated boxes remain the most effective way to transport and market high-value products like wine. The superior protection it offers prevent damages and return. Appealing structural and graphic design’s attract consumer attention at the point of purchase, while increasing brand awareness. 


Water & Soft Drinks

Corrugated is the most suitable form of packaging for water & soft drinks. Whether your bottles are in plastic or glass, whether you use automated high-speed packing lines or a more traditional process, our experts can help you find the right box for your product and your supply chain specificities.