Beverage Packaging

Our products cater to a vast number of packaging uses relating to cold and hot beverage packaging.


Our beverage packaging products include Cupstock grades as well as Folding Boxboards and Kraft Boards for the outer packaging:

  • Fortress® Cupstock grades are used in different sized containers for either hot or cold beverages, and have an excellent water barrier as well as impeccable sealing properties.
  • In secondary packaging, our Folding Boxboard product Alaska® Plus is ideal as a liner in premium wine and spirits packaging, and enables great printing results and sophisticated finishing techniques.
  • Svetocoat® is a carrier board with high strength and robustness and is ideal for drinks multipacks.

Recommended products

  • EMEAPBKraft

    Svetocoat® CUK (Coated Unbleached Kraft) board is ideal for the most demanding packaging applications.