Maximizing Fiber Use, Recovery and Reuse

We continuously improve our new fiber yields and fiber reuse capacity and efficiency to create high-quality products using fewer natural resources.

As part of our Vision 2030 goals to build a better future for people and the planet, we are committed to leading forest stewardship efforts globally, and we are accelerating the transition to a low-carbon economy through innovative fiber-based products. Learn more about our goals at

We go beyond recycling with our commitment to advancing the circular economy. We take action across our entire value chain by:

  • championing sustainable forestry and the use of renewable resources, 
  • seeking to design waste out of our manufacturing processes by sourcing recovered fiber and making beneficial use of residual materials, and 
  • advancing the recovery and reuse of fiber after consumer use, extending the useful lives of natural resources and reducing materials to landfill. 

The recovery and recycling of fiber is part of our business model and plays a key role in our commitment to environmental stewardship. Globally, we recover, reprocess, reuse or facilitate the sale of more than seven million tons of recovered fiber each year. We are one of the two largest users of recovered fiber in the world, using five million tons of recovered fiber each year.

We’re committed to innovating our products so that they are all reusable, recyclable or compostable and provide circular solutions that continue to promote a low-carbon economy.

Learn more about our approach to advancing the circular economy in our Global Citizenship Report.

Wood fiber recovery in the U.S. is a significant environmental success story. Our Fiber Sourcing and Recycling teams continue to build upon that success by working with generators and suppliers to identify and capture new sources of recyclable materials.



Vision 2020 Goal

Achieved: 66% increase in recovery of OCC

Stated Goal: Increase recovery of old corrugated containers (OCC) by 15% by exploring new sources and diverting usable fiber from landfills