Climate Change Statement

International Paper’s vision is to be among the most successful, sustainable and responsible companies in the world. We are committed to improving our planet, reducing our environmental footprint and promoting the long-term sustainability of natural capital.


Increasing our energy efficiency and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are among our most important goals to improve our planet. Our Vision 2020 Goals include a commitment to reducing absolute GHG emissions by 20 percent and increasing purchased energy efficiency by 15 percent. (Reducing the use of purchased energy decreases GHG and other air emissions.) Furthermore, we use carbon-neutral biomass and manufacturing residuals (rather than fossil fuels) to generate nearly 75 percent of the manufacturing energy at our mills.

International Paper plays a significant role in responding to the climate change challenge. We transform renewable resources into recyclable products that people depend on every day. We source wood from responsibly managed working forests, which contribute to clean air, clean water and animal habitat. Our efforts to advance sustainable forest management and restore forest landscapes are an important lever for mitigating climate change through carbon storage in forests.

We believe local, national and global efforts to address climate change should reflect a balance among environmental, social and economic considerations for individuals, regions and nations.

Addressing the Challenge of Climate Change

  • Understanding our footprint. We track our global GHG emissions and report them annually in our Global Reporting Initiative report, through participation in CDP, formally Carbon Disclosure Project, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Mandatory Reporting Rule, the EU Emissions Trading System and various state, regional and national reporting programs.
  • Investing in the future. We continue to invest in efforts to conserve energy, reduce our fossil fuel use and increase our use of biomass residuals.
  • Learning by doing. We participate in GHG trading programs that are helping us better understand how to reduce GHG emissions in a cost effective manner. We participate in the European Union’s carbon trading system through our European mills.