Leadership Model

The 3 C’s – Character, Capability and Catalyst – have become a natural part of our leadership language and are well integrated into our people development tools and systems.

AA Leadership Model - 4th Edition Square 12-21-18

“Being a successful global company requires us to lead across geographic boundaries and cultures in ways that our regional employees, customers and other stakeholders understand.”  

Mark Sutton, Chairman and CEO

Because IP operates in so many diverse countries and cultures, it is imperative that a singular standard of leadership be broadly communicated within the company. Additionally, because we believe that everyone at IP, regardless of whether they are in a formal leadership role or not, can exercise leadership each and every day, we broadly communicate our leadership model so that it is front and center in all that we do. All employees, but particularly our leaders, are well versed in the IP Leadership model and accompanying leadership support materials such as our IP Leader’s Guide. All internal training and development initiatives have at their core a strong focus on the IP Leadership Model.

At IP, we believe that Leadership is about beginning with Character so that others trust you. IP leaders then need to build their Capability to lead their teams effectively and earn their respect. The rich combination of trust and respect allows a leader to have a strong relationship with the team which enables the leader to then be a Catalyst for change and continuous improvement. By exhibiting and modeling the 3 C’s of leadership, the leader and the team build a strong engaged workforce that is fully equipped to achieve great business results. Effective leadership is key to IP’s success and will be even more important as IP continues to adapt our business to achieve success in an ever changing world on a global scale.