Employee Relief Fund

The Employee Relief Fund was created by International Paper to support employees affected by natural disasters such as tornado, fire or flood. The fund also serves as a mechanism for employees to pool their resources to respond to worldwide natural disasters that may or may not affect employees.

ERF PhotoIn every country, communities and lives can be turned upside down suddenly or with little warning. This was demonstrated when in the late 1990's floods overtook Franklin, Virginia and Tarboro, North Carolina and tornadoes struck International Paper communities throughout the Southeast.

Employees across the company wanted to help, but were unsure of where to start. As a result, the ERF (Employee Relief Fund) was formally established in September 2001 to help our colleagues provide critical aid to disaster victims around the world.

As a non-profit, the ERF's primary focus is to support International Paper employees whose homes are impacted by natural disasters and provide basic necessities and temporary relief to those in need. This is achieved through a grant process limited to full-time employees of International Paper or subsidiary companies. Employee contributions are tax deductible and assistance grants are tax-free to recipients in the United States. The company also matches employee contributions dollar-for-dollar, making the most of employee generosity.

In addition to employee grants, the ERF also serves as a mechanism for employees to pool their resources and respond to world-wide disasters that may or may not impact employees. Examples of this have been 9/11, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the China Earthquake in 2008 and the Southeast Asian Tsunami in 2011 where the company utilized the ERF to allow employees to make contributions towards these causes as well. The ERF then seeks out the best partner to distribute funds to have the greatest impact for those in need. Whether local or global, the ERF serves as a way for International Paper and its employees to rally together, and provide hope to families in the midst of devastation. For more information about the Employee Relief Fund or to make a contribution, please visit www.ipemployeerelief.org