Stakeholder Engagement

Engagement is an important practice for sustainability of a business. 

These relationships involve relative economic, social and environmental topics or critics relevant to the activities of International Paper. International Paper constantly seeks the engagement of interested parties to align with the strategies and business ideals of the company, including the operational sector, facility location, local socioeconomic profile, crisis history and future planning. International Paper considers the interested parties expectations. 

Effective engagement allows our company to know our stakeholders and integrate their expectations in the decision process, while anticipating the important behavioral tendencies and possible influences on business. 

International Paper attributes worth to engagement with interested parties according to the following purposes:

Management of Socio-Environmental Risks

Engagement with interested parties provides an important element to the management of socio-environmental risks for the company. Starting with the relational channels, it is possible to anticipate the existing expectations and know how to handle them. The structuring of a systematic engagement process with interested parties can be identified as an element of corporate management.

Development of a Common Agenda

Engagement allows the creation of a common agenda between the company and its interested parties and strengthens the trust and commitment of the interested parties to work jointly through partnerships that can favor the local development of their stakeholders.

Assertive Communication and Alignment of Expectations 

The closeness of interested parties and the correct use of relational channels creates assertiveness in the exchange of information and in the identification of requests. This avoids noise in the communication between the company and its interested parties and establishes a relationship of transparency.