International Paper Brazil continues the company tradition collaborating with customers, environmental and academic organizations, government and other key stakeholders.

Grupo + Unidos

Grupo+Unidos, [Group+United] created in 2006 by the then ambassador of the United States to Brazil, is a partnership between the Diplomatic Mission of the United States in the Country and the American companies established in Brazilian territory, by means of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The group has as a mission to strengthen alliances between public and private sectors, optimize and intensify US corporate responsibility investments related to sustainability in Brazil, provide visibility to investment of companies participating in environmental projects and in social and economic development projects and promote the theme of corporate social responsibility in different segments of Brazilian society.Visit the Grupo + Unidos website.


Indústria Brasileira de Árvores (Ibá) [Brazilian Tree Industry] is an association responsible for the institutional representation of the productive chain of planted trees, from field to industry together with their main audience of interest. Launched in April 2014, the entity represents the 62 companies and 8 state entities of products originating from the cultivation of planted trees, featuring wood panels, laminated flooring, cellulose, paper, energy and biomass forests, along with independent producers of planted trees and institutional investors.Visit the Ibá website.

Botany Institute 

Botany Institute is an institution of scientific research in the area of botany, from the Environmental Secretary of the State of São Paulo. Instituto de Botânica (Botanic Institute) has its origin in the State Botanic Department created by degree no. 9715 11/9/1938 and subordinate to the Secretary of Agriculture and Supply, by Decree 12499, on 01/7/1942. In 1987, without alteration, was transferred to the Secretary of State of the Environment, where it's found until the present day. Beside its headquarters, Reserva Biológica and Jardim Botânico, situated inside the State Park Fontes do Ipiranga, borough of Água Funda, in the capital of the State of São Paulo, the Instituto de Botânica hs two other Conservation Units, representing the main biomes of the state: Atlantic Rainforest (Reserva Biológica do Alto da Serra de Paranapiacaba) and Savanna (Reserva Biológica e Estação Experimental de Moji Guaçu). Visit the Botany Institute website.


Instituto de Pesquisas e Estudos Florestais [The Institute of Forest Research and Study]: created in 1968, is an association without economic purpose that has as its objective the planning, the implementation and the coordination of activities and the management of resources, destined for studies, analysis and research in the area of natural resources with emphasis in forestry science. Historically, the IPEF has been responsible for the creation of the most sophisticated techniques for improvement of quality and productivity of forests. Visit the IPEF website.