Career Advancement

At International Paper there are different tools available to help employees perfect their talents and prepare themselves to achieve high standards of excellence while advancing their careers. 

We have a strong development model. First, it’s necessary to know the corporate direction and understand the expectations that the company has in relation to the employee, and which competencies are important for their work. Thus, anyone can build a development plan and evolve forever. This growth is coupled with feedback sessions, which are frequently held and encouraged. This development model is called Road Map and we believe that this method allows employees to expand opportunities for professional growth.

Development Programs

The below tools and programs help International Paper professionals propel their carriers forward:

  • Conversations between leader and professional with the purpose of establishing expectations, giving feedback and discussing career and development plans. Sessions can also take place between personnel of different areas, and not only in direct relation to your leader or those they lead.
  • Formalization of goals for the current year. An important tool for evaluating performance of each professional. 
  • Definition of the development plan for important competencies to achieve goals for the position held by the professional currently and in the future.
  • Definition of competency according to employee/professional level. The objective is to direct performance, development and career.
  • Study of the perceptions and feelings of employees in relation to work. Based on the results, it’s possible to determine a plan of action to reinforce strong points and work on points that need improvement.
  • Program that drives the development of leaders globally to leverage the business strategy of International Paper.
  • Training of professionals in their first experience as leaders.
  • Corporate program focused on performance and process management, continuous improvement, risk and control management.
  • Online training platform. The objective is to enable employee self-development and promote knowledge.