Apply for a Grant, Donation or Contribution

Contributions, donations and grants are generally only considered in the communities where International Paper has a significant employee presence and within a locally determined radius of facility operations.

If your organization does not have an International Paper location in the community, you are not eligible for grant funding. In addition, please view the International Paper Signature Causes and Guidelines page to learn more about our community engagement programs.

U.S. and Canada

We support nonprofit charitable organizations classified under Section 501(c)(3) or Section 509(a) (1), (2) or (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Service Code, Canadian-based organizations with Charitable Business Number Registration (BNR) or exempt operating foundations.

Outside of the global headquarters, all U.S. and Canadian requests must be submitted to the nearest International Paper facility via the online grant application available at the link at the bottom of this page. For a map of our operations, click on Locations at the top of this page or, on a mobile device, from the site menu

Applications are accepted through mid-September. Download our Grant Giving Guidelines below before applying to confirm eligibility, required documentation and other instructions.

For technical assistance with logging in and/or completing the online application, use the Need Support? link found at the bottom of every page. If you are having difficulty uploading a Form 990 because the file size is too large, try reducing the PDF size (many free PDF editors and compressors are available online). If the file is still too large, use the Need Support? link.

Memphis, TN - Global Headquarters Only 

In Memphis, TN funding requests are by invitation only. Download the documents below for complete information. 


Non-U.S. and Non-Canadian Based Organizations

All international charitable requests must be submitted to your local International Paper facility in Latin America, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, or Asia. The regional Citizenship contact will provide guidance through the local eligibility and approval process. Funding decisions are made throughout the year. Find your local International Paper location here.