U.S. Policy Issues

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Workforce Development

As a leading U.S. manufacturer, International Paper supports efforts at the state and federal level to implement workforce programs that address career and technical education opportunities. These programs must train students with the critical technical skills sought by local employers. The need for greater state and national investment in the technical skills of the American workforce is more pressing than ever.

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Postal Reform 

Approximately one-third of all paper produced in the U.S. (by IP and our competitors) goes into the mail stream. A growing number of IP customers are sending packages through the mail thanks to eCommerce opportunities.  A healthy, vibrant U.S. Postal Service is important to the paper and packaging industry and our customers. While comprehensive postal reforms are needed to return USPS to profitability, postage rate increases should not be the answer.

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Did you know that International Paper is one of the world’s largest recyclers? To that end, we are focused on ensuring that legislation does not hinder our ability to collect, market or use recycled materials.

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Paper Bag Bans and Fees

International Paper believes that paper bags are an environmental success story, and clearly differentiated from plastic bags. Paper bags are renewable, compostable, recyclable and reusable, with a great end of life story.  An increasing number of state and local governments are introducing legislation that would ban plastic or paper bags, or put significant fees on our product. We feel this effort to include paper bags is unnecessary and does not reflect the advantages of paper over plastic to consumers and unfairly affects their choices and pocketbooks.  Learn more here. 
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