Communicating with our stakeholders is an important part of our sustainability commitment. We hope you will enjoy exploring some of our related publications.

Environmental Post

Published annually, the Environmental Post covers topics such as sustainable forest management, environmental certifications, and hot environmental topics.
September 2014 - October 2013 - October 2012 - October 2011 - June 2010


The Little Green Book

The Little Green Book examines some of the commonly held myths about our business in relation to sustainability and sets the record straight. Our industry has, beyond any reasonable doubt, a truly fantastic environmental sustainability story to tell. These are the facts. Read them. Know them. Use them.


The Little Book of Commonsense

Paper has undeniable benefits that we are all intuitively aware of. In the Little Book of Commonsense, we’ll remind you of things that secretly you probably already know… But we may also surprise you with a few facts you hadn’t considered before. Smart use of paper makes commonsense. Feel good about it.


A Matter of Credentials

Sustainability is core to the International Paper vision and values and integral to our business approach, from product design to manufacturing, from operational functions to end use recycling and disposal. Learn more about our Sustainability story in Europe, the Middle East & Africa.