Svetogorsk City Hospital Renovation

As a responsible investor, International Paper is engaging to help improve the medical, social and cultural infrastructure in the city of Svetogorsk. This engagement comes in addition to the various charitable initiatives the company is carrying out to support the underprivileged in the local community.


Along with supporting the renovation and refurbishment of local educational, sport and cultural facilities, International Paper’s support extends to funding the renovation of a substantial part of the Svetogorsk City Hospital.

Much of the facility was in a poor condition, with paint peeling off the walls and a lack of essential equipment. In all to date half of the hospital was renovated. The works covered the main hospital departments, including emergency surgery, intensive care unit (ICU), maternity ward, reception as well as the policlinic. Along with major interior renovations, the oxygen, ventilation, electrical and lighting systems were upgraded. Modern medical equipment was installed, along with furniture and personnel workplace equipment.