Krakow: Branches of Giving

The “Branches of Giving” program is the umbrella for how International Paper provides charitable support to its local community in Krakow, Poland where the company’s Global Business Services Centre is located.

EMEACIBranchesofGivingEstablished in 2013 and managed by a group of volunteer employees, “Branches of Giving” covers three areas in line with International Paper’s global community support principles: environmental education, literacy and health & human services.

Examples of Branches of Giving initiatives include “Bake a Cake for Charity” baking days, a “Share Your Shirt” clothes drive and “Back to School”, a school supplies collection. All initiatives aim at collecting funds or in-kind donations to support the underprivileged and needy. Supported institutions range from orphanages and mother-and-child homes to hospitals and homeless shelters.

Through a formal grant program the company provides funds to local charitable organisations for specific short-term, critical projects. Two times a year a committee reviews applications from organisations, which are often nominated by employees. Based on a defined set of criteria up to five beneficiaries are then selected to receive grants.