Biomass Plantations

As a proud steward of the environment and pioneer investor in Poland, International Paper has developed a biomass plantation in Pomerania. 


Delivering the Green Economy

EMEAPlKwiSustainabilityPlantation4The plantation near International Paper’s Kwidzyn Mill is one of the largest project of its kind in Europe to develop a fully integrated biomass supply system helping Poland deliver on renewable energy targets while simultaneously offering a valuable boost in jobs and prosperity for the local farming community.
The project is based on using fast growing, short rotation hybrid poplar as the biomass crop. The full-scale roll-out involves leasing land from local farmers to grow the biomass crop in three and four year rotations. The approach offers local farmers more crop options and can improve the utilization rate of the land while securing jobs in the farming community by providing a welcome increase to their existing incomes. It also ensures a stable supply at a reasonable cost to help Poland deliver on its EU renewable energy targets.