Supply Chain & Specialty Packaging Management

Single Contact, International Access


Leveraging our expertise and vast resources in manufacturing, sophisticated logistics, integrated operations and extensive networking, you'll have an international access including America, Europe and Asia Pacific region including Mainland China and Taiwan by a single contact for optimizing your supply chain and operational cost. Our Supply Chain team can develop a comprehensive program customized to meet your needs based on a cross-functional approach from sourcing, production, sales & marketing, order fulfillment, inventory management, etc. By working together, our experts can design a business model to fit your company's business goals and developments.

What we offer:

Flexible monetary settlement
Local and international monetary billing management and financial support.

Professional Experience
Document and certification management of import and export clearance.

Advancing Customer’s Business Developments
Asia Distribution has a trustworthy reputation, the best marketing knowledge and sales professionals to drive customers to achieve business goals and optimize cost-effectiveness management.

Sophisticated Logistics Management
We have a professional management of assembly, inventory, warehousing and distribution.This provides our customers with reliability, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Production Management
Packaging materials are provided by qualified factories, by materials inspection to achieve high quality assurance.

Just-in-Time Services
Specialized original equipment manufacturer (OEM) factory management provides just-in-time (JIT) delivery services and order fulfillment services.

How Can We Help You?


Our sales experts will work with you to offer one stop packaging solutions to fit your need. 

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