The Little Book of Commonsense

In The Little Book of Commonsense, you will be reminded of things you probably already know, but you may also be surprised with a few facts you have never considered before.

Even though we've all grown up with paper and have benefited a lot from it, we sometimes feel guilty about using it. This is probably because we are regularly confronted by concepts that actually aren’t really true and are more often than not way off the mark. They are presented as common truths but are not.

Paper has undeniable benefits that we are all intuitively aware of. In The Little Book of Commonsense, we’ll remind you of things that secretly you probably already know, but we may also surprise you with a few facts you hadn't considered before.

Paper is the foundation for learning and creativity. Paper is critical to workplace productivity. Paper is the world’s only means of communication that embraces the entire planet, and it’s environmentally sustainable, indeed, an ally in fighting climate change.

Smart use of paper makes commonsense. Feel good about it. Let paper take its rightful place in your life and don’t feel guilty about it. Paper is quite simply as good, as relevant and as right today as ever.

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